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OS X notifications for Emacs-jabber

Where I am working they have a jabber-based chat service to communicate with each other and of course I use the excellent emacs-jabber to chat from within Emacs.

The (huge) problem was that my colleagues were complaining that I weren't noticing some of their messages! And that happened when I switched, for instance, from Emacs to Firefox. That was because Emacs wasn't notifying me of the new messages. I could have switched to Adium, but I like to keep everything related with work in a single environment.

Here are some quick step-by-step instructions to get OS X notifications for every new message received in Emacs-jabber.

1. We're going to use terminal-notifier to send notifications from Emacs to OS X. Although it comes with prebuilt binaries I highly recommend Homebrew to install it and many other common packages (ack, wget, mysql, python, etc). Give it a try, you will love it. Once installed, you can test it with a simple example such as:

/usr/local/bin/terminal-notifier -sender org.gnu.Emacs -title 'Message title' -message 'This is the message content!'

It should appear a notification just like this one:

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 20.02.22

(Please refer to terminal-notifier itself for more details on its usage)

2. Now the only pending task is to tell Emacs to send notifications via a shell command executing terminal-notifier. Add the following lines to your .emacs :

(defun msg-via-notifier (title msg) (shell-command (format "/usr/local/bin/terminal-notifier -sender org.gnu.Emacs -title '%s' -message '%s'" title msg) ) )
(defun notify-jabber-message (from buf text proposed-alert) (msg-via-notifier from text))
(add-hook 'jabber-alert-message-hooks 'notify-jabber-message)

3. That's it!

You can also test the recently added msg-via-notifier function (after restarting Emacs) generating an example notification from Emacs:

(msg-via-notifier "Notification title" "Notification content")